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We're here to make your gardening as easy and successful as possible! We offer planting and seeding of your entire garden. We have commercial irrigation experience and can tie your vegetable garden into your existing irrigation system. Sprout Nutrition cares so much about your gardening success, we offer maintenance plans to help you throughout the season. If you grow with Sprout Nutrition you will always have the gardening know-how available right at your fingertips. Read more about our services below!


We will plant and seed your gardens for you using only locally grown and sourced plants and seeds. Using methods like "square foot gardening," we will ensure that you get some serious size and abundance from your new garden.

  • Planting options available for all sizes of raised garden beds. We source local organic seeds and seedlings for all options.

  • Choose from one of our packages: the home chef garden, the salsa garden, the pasta garden, and the salad garden.

  • Have a customized package based on the size of your garden and what you and your family like to eat!

Starting as low as $75


At Sprout Nutrition, it is important to us to help you grow the best food you can while taking it easy on the environment. With multiple years of commercial irrigation experience, you can be sure that we will incorporate your new garden straight into your existing irrigation. The garden will water itself just like your lawn, and not be wasteful.

  • Installation of irrigation system for raised garden beds.

  • Add on to existing irrigation systems.

  • Use only commercial grade irrigation parts sourced from local businesses.

  • Help set your watering schedule for sustained success.

  • Quotes available with an on site analysis.

maintenance and education

Using preferred organic growing methods, we will maintain your garden to make sure that you get the delicious and nutritious produce you deserve. Organic weed and pest control. Pruning. Staying ahead of the game. Even better, you can always rely on us for the gardening know-how. Questions and concerns about any of your plants, answered by our team.

  • Maintenance plans include planting and seeding in the spring, pruning and weeding twice a month, organic pest and disease control as we see fit throughout the season, and cleanup and fresh compost in the fall.

  • Get access to the education you need to be a successful home gardener.

  • Diagnosis of any problems that can occur in your plants. Something looks different? Just ask.

  • Pricing dependent on size of gardens. 

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