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  • Do you service my area?
    We service Northern Colorado and the front range. However, we're always looking to expand and create really awesome gardens for people as much as possible. Feel free to reach out and see if we can work something out!
  • What is square foot gardening and why is it important?
    "The Square Foot Gardening method is estimated to cost 50% less, uses 20%less space, 10% of the water, and only 2% of the work compared to single row gardening." Simply put, you'll be able to grow more without digging up your entire yard. You'll save money, time, and water. You'll have more control with less effort. Square Foot Gardening Foundation
  • Does the cost of my raised garden bed include soil?
    Of Course! Since we want you to have nothing but gardening success, we blend only the finest organic ingredients into a soil that will leave your raised garden beds thriving for years. We fill the garden beds during installation. Did you know? A typical 8'x4'x2'(lxwxh) raised garden bed holds up to 64 cubic feet of soil. That's a lot of full wheelbarrows that we move instead of you!
  • What does my maintenance plan include?
    Your maintenance plan includes the cost of planting and seeding the beds in the spring, pruning and weeding twice a week, and application of organic nutrients and organic pest control as we see fit. In addition, you can contact us anytime with questions or concerns about your plants, and we will help you diagnose the potential issues. Sprout Nutrition will be there to help ensure the success of your garden.
  • Why use cedar?
    Aside from cedar being known as our most sustainable building material, it has a few beneficial properties that make it great for building raised garden beds! Cedar is more rot resistant over time than other building material. It also naturally repels insects. These raised garden beds should provide you with fresh vegetables for years to come!
  • Do you offer raised garden beds in other sizes?
    Of course! The raised garden bed sizes that we have listed are just the most common. This is mainly because the average person has a more difficult time reaching across a garden that is over 4 feet in width. However, we are willing to build you the garden of your dreams, no matter how big or small!
  • What are companion plants?
    Companion plants can be any beneficial plant really! Some plants help attract good insects, while others may just help keep the bad bugs away. Many flowers will help attract pollinators, boosting the productivity of your garden because some plants can't just be pollinated by the wind. Some vegetable and herb plants will be more productive or beneficial to each other when planted close. Nasturtiums will actually help trick cucumber beetles into attacking the wrong leaves when planted next to squash plants. By letting Sprout Nutrition help you plan your garden, you can be sure that this will all be accounted for.
  • How else is Sprout Nutrition sustainable?
    Sprout Nutrition uses a soil blend that we create. We make sure to use a significant amount of coco coir in replacement of peat moss. This helps us to contribute much less to the depletion of peat bogs. In addition to that, much of the coco coir that we get comes in bricks that we break up and expand. This cuts down on unnecessary fuel use because much more can be shipped at a time.
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