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better for you better for the world

Our gardens are designed to provide you with the freshest organic vegetables money can buy. Not only is this good for your body, but it helps reduce your carbon footprint and take care of the environment. You can read more below about all the reasons that our gardens are better for you and better for the world. We aren't messing around!

only organic

We use only organic inputs to blend some of the finest organic soil money can buy.

Organic soil for organic vegetables. That means doing our best to eliminate your garden's exposure to chemical pesticides and herbicides that could destroy your crop or harm your body. 


Helping take care of the world we live in is very important to us. We continue to improve on all the ways we can reduce our footprint. By growing with us, you'll help reduce yours too.

Did you know your produce sometimes travels thousands of miles to get to your grocery store? By growing your vegetables at home, you help reduce that unnecessary harm to the environment, and make less trips to the grocery store in your own gas guzzling vehicles. Saving time and saving money while helping the earth. Sounds like a win.


The gardening methods we use help ensure that your vegetables are healthy as can be for you, your family, and friends. Just like you, we like to take care of ours.

Not only do we eliminate chemical exposure, but we ensure that your garden is full of the minerals and nutrients necessary to pick nutritious vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. By picking them at their peak, you're letting the vegetables mature into healthy food. Some of the produce in stores is often picked way too early, ripened with CO2, or ripens in the box during shipping. This helps with traveling, but sacrifices much of the nutrition that is obtained in the last days of growth. 

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