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2' tall Homesteader Garden, Farmhouse style

2' tall Premium Hobby Garden

1' tall Premium Home Chef Garden

At Sprout Nutrition, we design, install, and maintain our own handmade, cedar raised garden beds. We fill our garden beds with only the finest organic soil and soil inputs because your health is extremely important to us. Chemicals do not belong in your food. We offer standard sized raised garden beds, but love to do custom work to ensure you get the garden you've always dreamed of. Sprout Nutrition will make your raised garden beds a real experience in your yard, adding them to your existing landscape plan and surrounding them with beautiful, beneficial companion plants.

available garden beds

Sprout Nutrition offers a few different sizes of premium raised garden beds starting as low as $295. Organic soil and installation included! 

     Premium raised garden beds, one and two foot             heights are available (sizes are approximate):


     Hobby Gardens: 2'x4'

     Home Chef Gardens: 4'x4'

     Homesteader Gardens: 4'x8'

     Ask about our Farmhouse style raised garden        beds. Simple. Strong. A bit more affordable. 

2' tall Premium Homesteader Garden

edible landscape design

Just a beautiful and bountiful box in the yard? We'll give you much more! Sprout Nutrition will create a gorgeous space in and around your garden. We will incorporate lush, beneficial companion plants that will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your existing landscape or future landscape plans. 

2' tall Premium Homesteader Garden

Custom garden beds and greenhouses

In addition to standard builds, Sprout Nutrition also offers custom designed raised garden beds and greenhouses. We want you to grow the edible organic yard that you are capable of having. We can help you install a greenhouse of your choice or build out beds for your existing greenhouse. Below is an example of some custom raised garden beds we built for an older woman who spent most of her time in a wheelchair. The beds were measured out so that she could garden without getting up, but it turned out that she enjoyed standing there to take care of her garden!

2' tall Premium Homesteader Garden

Two foot tall homesteader garden, farmhouse style

Bob's greenhouse at 6900' elevation in the foothills

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